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EV horizon of new energy vehiclesEV horizon is by Beijing billion Mdt InfoTech Ltd was founded in 2012 April, microimagination, is the authority of the media the first in order to build the industrial chain of new energy vehicle based information publishing platform and the domestic and foreign information technology exchange platform, is committed topromote the rapid and the popularization of new energy vehicles. EV horizon cover and contain everything, rich information, timely,comprehensive, contains ten sections: news, encyclopedia, interview, policy,statistics, thematic, vehicle type, column, video, exhibition. Each column is divided into detailed sub section, let users click on the view of new energyvehicle between knowledge of the industry and the status quo, remain within doors that can understand automobile industry events. At the same time, alsoprovide a full range of information of various contrast models configuration is introduced and the advantages and disadvantages of the performance for thepurchase a car, constructive suggestions given to purchase a car makersprofessional authority. Purchase a car can pass platform query understanding of automobile brand and exhibition and supplier information.

Eco-Business is Asia Pacific’s leading publication on responsible business and sustainable development. Its platforms include the award-winning Eco-Business.com site, a bi-monthly digital magazine and a weekly newsletter. It offers local, regional and relevant international news and analyses which can be filtered by industry, country, and ‘A-Z’ keyword. The site also includes dedicated sections on research, jobs, events, and Asia Pacific’s most trusted and comprehensive directory of 2,000+ vetted and approved organisations. All of our online platforms are designed to deliver local and international brand building, lead generation, and sophisticated thought leader positioning. The marketing channels include banner advertising, EDMs, feature series, industry spotlights, annual site partnerships, event coverage, e-newsletters, social media campaigns and CxO round tables. 

ASIA TODAY is a news portal featuring Asia’s events, national stories, eco & sustainability, arts & culture, education, career and more themes. ASIA TODAY also distributes news content via AsiaToday.com news portal, regular e-newsletters, mobile apps, and social media to its viewers, subscribers and customers all over the World. 

Commercial Vehicle Engineer is the multi-award-winning online monthly magazine delivering a unique combination of news, analysis and comment on the commercial vehicle market and aftermarket. The title is aimed at all commercial vehicle engineers, but in particular at transport engineers and fleet managers running UK-based fleets of trucks, light commercial vehicles, buses and coaches.
The top technical monthly for commercial vehicle engineers and fleet managers.

BMI Research provides trusted, independent analysis and forecasts on countries, industries and financial markets.

Specialising in emerging and frontier markets, we cover macroeconomics, political risk and 24 industry verticals across 200 global markets and use this global awareness to produce a continual, reflexive analysis of how it all fits together.

We call it Total Analysis. It’s a unique approach and our insights are used by multinationals, governments and financial institutions the world over to guide strategy, policy, trade and investment decisions.

Everything we do is accessible through BMI's platform or as individual reports.

Our customers and clients span more than 160 countries worldwide, including over half of the Global Fortune 500 companies.  Businesses, banks, financial service companies, governments, academia and research centres have all come to rely on our analysis, data and forecasts - and have done so for more than 30 years.

A Fitch Group Company, we operate globally from offices in London, New York, Singapore and Pretoria.

Next Green Car is a leading green car website providing independent and expert advice to help people find a more economical and environmentally-friendly car.
At the core of the site is a comprehensive, searchable database which enables users to search, review and compare key environmental data on over 50,000 models including MPG,CO2 emissions and the unique lifecycle Green Car Rating which enables comparison across technologies.
With all the latest electric car news, a microsite dedicated to electric cars, details on available and “coming soon” electric cars and charging points map, Next Green Car is an essential destination for those researching electric cars.

Zap-Map.com is a site dedicated to topics related to charging and electric cars.  At the core of the site is a comprehensive UK-wide map of charging.
Users can search the map, find different types of chargers and plan their journey. Unique to Zap-Map.com is a EV-Charge point selector which shows which charging points are compatible with which vehicle, and then shows these points on the map. With the latest news, statistics and an active community area, Zap-Map.com is an essential destination for those looking to go electric.

Funded and operated by Beijing Asian Automotive Associated IT Co., Ltd., www.xnyauto.com is devoted to promoting the development of new-energy automobile market and relative industries, and providing professional information and integrated resources for auto manufacturers, auto parts suppliers, dealers and massive customers.

China electric vehicle network (www.ddc.net.cn) was founded in 2003, is headquartered in Hangzhou, domestic electric car industry is the highest traffic data, most complete, most B2B website customer. China electric vehicle network companies that provide the innovation, caring, practical e-commerce services for the mission, and constantly integrated industrial chain resources, and the electric car business with the creation of new value.
1.On a visit to rate exceeds300000 person-time, for the top 100websites, bureau of electric vehicle industry first.
2.Have more than 2electric vehicle industry members, and more than 20 provinces and cities nationwide industry association cooperation, every new members joined the hundreds every day, adding new supply and demand information about more than 500, is the enterprise develops the market 's right-hand man. The" E Passepartout" senior members from the web site of the industry in the top digit, please login the network view.
3.In three major search engine Baidu, Google, Yahoo website keyword ranking ahead of industry, at the same time in the search engines crawl data amounts to300000, far higher than other peer site! So the higher the authority of, crawl probability is higher, the higher ranking, promotion effect is more obvious!

Global cell (www.qqdcw.com) was founded in 2009, is the domestic battery industry, the highest traffic data, customer most B2B sites; the enterprise that provides innovation, caring, practical e-commerce services for the mission, and constantly integrated industrial chain resources, and battery enterprise together to create new value. The battery is committed to enterprise network, service and global battery net long-term cooperation, frank, professional, mutual benefit as the pointer, promote the harmonious development of people.

Modern Energy Storage Website
—the 1st network in China’s energy storage industry
Where is the prospective market? Please click www.mdes.com.cn /www.newge.cn Focus on the 6 fields in energy storage